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MwSimTerm Dynamic NMEA Simulator and AIS simulator in a virtual ship
Program provides several main functions:
1: Terminal for incoming NMEA data through SERIAL and TCP UDP ports
    With i.e. timing, logging, filtering of incoming data and their checksums.
    Functions to simulate and view radar pictures send to Maris VDR.

2: A dynamic NMEA simulator and AIS simulator.
    Any NMEA message can be created and saved with many dynamic fields:
    Included full featured dynamic targets which can be used for
        AIS. Messages 1 and 5. (max 1024)
        Tracked Target Message (max 99)
        Tender Track data. $PNAVT,.. . defined by navtec GmbH (max 9)

3 Virtual ship with NFU, Manual, Rate, Autopilot, Track and Route control.
    A rough chart for locating the ship and route included.

4 Remoting items mainly focused on the Imtech integrated bridge but very useful on
    other bridges..
    Servers can be controlled remotely from the laptop:
        Reboot, clear events, VNC etc.

5 Navigation calculations.

6 Network speed test.

    Download the complete helpfile here to view its capabilities


Voor al uw Windows 2000/2003 en XP software configuraties en maatwerk programmatuur.
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Installeer SQL Express automatisch op uw systeem
            Specs: Instance Name = "SQLEXPRESS"
            Installation Location    = "Program files\..."  (also the data files)
            Voor beheer tools zie de Microsoft site.
            Download de Sql Express utilty  of  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

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